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4 or more players.

Take your game of football to the get level, the Uber level!  You Choose the field and the goals. Instead of a kickoff, use the Cannon throw to start your game.  The first play begins where the UberDart lands. From there, You only get  Three chances to score.  Throwing the uberdart is the only way to move the UberDart down the field; no kicking or throwing!  Defense players can deflect and block the Uberdart, but not intercept the play.  First team to score 11 points wins!

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2 players and up

The player with the UberDart is “It”. All other players must run from The uberdart has “it” tried to throw the UberDart at them. Players can only dodge the dart.  If a person is hit,
they are out.  The last person standing is the winner!


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4 players and up

Same rules as dodge ball but instead of staying on their team’s side, players may roam anywhere on the battle field. Minimum of two darts are needed.

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2 players and up

the Thrower tells the catcher How they have to catch the throw; the thrower tell the catcher to catch the UberDart on one foot. IF the catcher doesn't Catch it correctly, the thrower gets a point. If the catcher catches it correctly, they get a point.  The players rotate who throws.


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